Green Tea to be taken at the Appropriate Time

Everyone knows that green teas have a worldwide popularity for weight loss, improving oral strength, reduction of the of heart diseases, cancer. But there are certain rituals that needs to be followed while consuming green tea on a regular basis:

  • Avoid Green tea as your Early morning tea-Most people are of the notion that consuming green tea on an empty stomach is the best way to gain the benefits of this drink. But green tea as your morning tea has negative effect on your liver and might damage it too.Also, the caffeine present in green tea leads to dehydration and incites the release of gastric acid which leads to stomach upset, ulcer.
  • Have Green tea in-between-meals-That is green tea should be consumed two hours before meal and two hours after meal. While drinking green tea in-between meals, just make sure that the catechins which is a type of antioxidant present in green tea does not react with the caseins present in animal protein or milk because consuming green tea along with your meal will minimise the nutrient-intake and stop the absorption of iron and minerals from food.
  • Have three to five cups a day- An ideal green tea should consist of three to five cups per day. Over consumption may lead to serious side effects such as anaemia.
  • Green tea should be avoided just before going to bed- It is better to avoid green tea before going to bed because it contains caffeine though less in proportion. This caffeine causes the inability to sleep.Also it has a diuretic substance so consuming it before going to bed, will frequently make you run to the washroom and disturb your sleep. So consume green tea one to two hours before going to bed.
  • Pair Green tea with exercise- Green tea rebuilds metabolism and halts fat absorption. If you are looking for shedding those extra pounds, consuming just green tea will not help.

It is essential to pair green tea along with exercise, a must for acquiring your desired shape as recommended by the fitness experts , doctors and other health professionals.


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