Green Tea health benefits occur only when drank the right way

Green tea has popularity since ancient times because it has great number of nutritive value that is, it reduces the risk for cancer as well as weight loss. But many people follow the wrong method for preparing Green tea. As a result , they do not get the desired results. So below is the correct procedure :

Step 1: Choose the right Green tea: Green tea should be chosen wisely. Scientific studies on Matcha proved that the matcha from Japan, has more nutritive contents than the fannings and dust which are usually found in tea bags.

Step 2: Setting the correct temperature for water: The actual temperature for preparing should be around 180 degree farenheit. The other method by which the green tea can be prepared is by allowing the boiled water sit for 2 to 3 minutes and then adding tea bags into it.

Step 3: Infusion time: Since Green teas are so tender so it should be infused for around 2-3 minutes. If the tea gets steeped for more than 3 minutes, then the tea tastes bitter.

Step 4: Importance of preservatives: Preservatives adds more flavor to green teas. Honey, lemon juice, mint leaves, powder herbs has more nutritional benefits thereby, enhances the flavor of green teas.

Step 5: Use proportionate amount of tea: Though right temperatures of water and correct timing for infusion are required for the perfect taste of green tea. Fixed ratio would be adding 2 grams green tea leaves in half cup water.



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