Lose Weight While Drinking These Tea

Everyone loves sipping a warm cup of tea on their hectic schedule whether its in their workplace or their so called home. Tea has such healing properties that it can be taken at any moment . And so recent researches proved that tea has a wider consumers all over the world more than the coffee providers. But apart from the relaxation tea supplies , another benefit of tea is that it also helps in losing weight. Lets us have a glance into which tea types reduces weight enormously.

Tea contains flavonoids which cuts down weight easily. So below are the types of teas one would prefer while losing weight:

1.Green tea-Green tea not only useful for weight loss but also contains less caffeine when compared to black tea. Useful for consumption at anytime of the day, Green tea is also popularly known as the anti-aging beverage.

2.Oolong teaA strong taste, oolong tea helps the body to metabolize fats. Also useful in preventing cancer, weight loss, managing type 2 diabetes and improving heart health.

3.White teaRich in antioxidants and breaks down fat cells in the body , the white tea is responsible for preventing the accumulation of fatty tissue.  Mild taste and is minimally processed, having white tea on a daily basis reduces skin aging , heart diseases as well as improves oral health.

4.Ginger teaReduces inflammation and controls blood pressure. Ginger drink with breakfast makes you feel less hungry for the rest of the day thereby,  making you feel fuller for longer periods.

5.Black teaResponsible for blocking fat absorption during the digestion process. Also decreases diabetes complicacies, improves heart health as well as lower stress level.


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