Matcha Tea increases focus surprisingly

Matcha tea has a positive effect on our energy levels and overall health if sipped daily.

It has the advantage of providing less hiccups because matcha contains high amounts flavonoids, which increases brain’s alpha range, and calming state of mind occurs because of increased dopamine as well as serotonin ratio.

As per modern research, L-theanine especially helpful because it relieve from stress, improves mental function with increased focus. So sipping matcha is great on a hectic day or when cramming during a test.


• positive effects on mood

• promotes relaxation

• provides sustained energy

• Maintains a healthy weight

• Rich in vitamin c. In fact, matcha has the highest amounts of antioxidants if compared with other foods as per Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity test.

• Fights against free radicals, prevents cancer as well as protects heart
Matcha tea enjoyed in hot or iced form and prepared by adding maple syrup, honey, fruits, or blending it into a smoothie provides a relief to the taste-buds.
Now lets look into the recipe for Matcha Tea:
But for that , let us first know the ingredients required:
• 1 teaspon matcha powder
• 6 oz. warm water
• milk is optional
• 1 teaspoon maple syrup, or honey, whichever is convenient for you
1. Mix 1 ounce hot water with the matcha forming a thick paste. Whisk the matcha till it forms froth.
2. Keep on adding water to the matcha and whisk it thoroughly to prevent lumps.
3. Then add cold milk or sweeten it with the sweetener you desire.


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