Diabetes Can Be Cured While Sipping Green Tea!!

India, affected with more than 72 million diabetic patients is an extreme concern for the country.  India is among the top list when compared with the other countries with regard to the number of patients suffering from diabetes.

Diabetes is such a chronic health disease in which blood sugar levels gets too high. In the diabetic patients, pancreas does not produce insulin . Insulin on the other hand are responsible for regulating blood glucose levels. Though no methods have been found yet for curing diabetes permanently but through proper exercises, healthy diets, the symptoms or the levels of diabetes can be cured upto some extent.

  Among all the diets for curing diabetes, the first ingredient preferred is the green tea. Green tea has a number of health benefits which reduces the risk of developing diabetes and the problems associated with it. 

Research confirms that the amount of insulin required to effectively manage type 2 diabetes will increase by more than 50 per cent worldwide within the next 10 years.

Type 2 diabetes, the most common diagnosed diabetes increases the sugar level. While there’s no cure for type 2 diabetes, it can be cured by drinking green tea. Green tea, is the most popular for diabetics because it leads to the better functioning of the metabolic system. Loaded with large amounts of polyphenols, (the compounds naturally found in plants and are the antioxidants which fights against cell damage), the Green tea are essential food for diabetic patients. Research suggests polyphenols regulates sugar level in the body, thereby, lowering the risk of developing the condition. 

Drinking only two cups of tea per day prevent diabetes type 2. 

Diabetes leads to stress and anxiety, so a green tea cuppa has a calming effect on mind and body because it contains amino-acid L-theanine, which reduces stress and anxiety. Catechins  which are a type of antioxidants present in green tea reduces effects of insulin resistance by decreasing digestion process and carbohydrate absorption . Green tea has been popularly known for weight loss and thus help people with type-2 diabetes get their blood sugar levels under control. The zero calorie Green tea drink is the most suitable drink for the diabetes patients.


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