Drinking Tea Everyday Improves Creativity

Consuming tea is not only beneficial for health, it also benefits your creativity when drank within a certain limit. This allows body and mind to function naturally in a creative way.

Chai has given its passionate lovers a new reason to indulge in their cravings. New studies reveal that tea consumption improves focus as well as mental clarity. This in turn increases mental creativity. 

A test was conducted where the participants had to build a “creative way” from coming out of an artificial hole and after that creating a proper tagline for that. It was found that after drinking the warm cup of tea , the participants creativity got hyper and they started planning the things in the creative manner. So when you feel confused, drink a cup of warm tea and after that solve your problem. The solutions will flow off easily.   

If one consumes tea throughout the day, then there will be an increase in the creativity levels. The study states, “This work contributes to understanding the function of tea on creativity and offers a new way to investigate the relationship between food and beverage consumption and the improvement of human cognition”. It further mentions the role of caffeine and theanine in enhancing the attention and cognitive function of the brain. 

Because of the presence of ingredients such as theanine as well as caffeine , the span of awareness, attentiveness improves. Studies confirm that the creative thoughts flow within moments after finishing one cup of tea. Since modern technology is changing , so is the researches of people are becoming more and more deeper.  And this have led to the conclusion that tea has immense benefits not only from the physical point but also from the mental state.     



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