Specific Tea Types That Removes Motion Sickness!!

Motion Sickness , this is the common problem for most of the travellers reading whether they are travelling by car, by bus or by any other modes of transport. Drinking tea reduces the motion of motion sickness. Tea consists of powerful ingredients that prevents the motion sickness symptoms. Apart from specific diets , there are certain tea types which prevents nausea without any side effects.

1. Chamomile Tea: Chamomile tea is backed by extensive research when it comes to health benefits. Some of these benefits include better sleep quality ,improved relaxation, as well as decreased pain symptoms. The sweet, lightly floral chamomile tea reduces feelings of motion sickness.

Studies prove the effects of chamomile tea on nausea. If patients undergoing chemotherapy drink chamomile tea twice, daily, that is once before the chemotherapy and once after the chemotherapy, for a minimum of fifteen days ,then the frequency of vomiting gets reduced. 

2. Peppermint Tea: The Peppermint tea consists of a light texture with a prickling flavor that boosts up the senses. Peppermint tea exaggerates antibacterial properties that fights off the stomach bugs which is responsible for causing motion sickness. Consisting of anti-inflammatory properties, the peppermint tea reduces stomach discomfort by removing gas and and also other stomach infections.

 Researchers confirm that the extremity of nausea decreased more quickly in women who took peppermint tea.

Further research leads confirms that the peppermint tea treats symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome including motion sickness and stomach pain. The peppermint tea reduces pain sensing fibers in the gastrointestinal tract which prevents stomach ache. These pain relief properties cures nausea and eases stomach cramps.

3. Raspberry Leaf Tea: This herbal tea comes from the leaves of the red raspberry plant. Drinking this tea morning removes nausea before starting a journey whether you are travelling on a bus, train , or any other mode of transportation. After infusing in hot water, the raspberry leaves emits a delectable floral and fruity aroma.

Traditionally used as a medicinal drink in Southern Asia as well as Western Europe, extensive research needs to be done demonstrating the effects of red raspberry tea on health during pregnancy.

Therefore, drinking these teas everyday at fixed timings prevents the symptoms of motion sickness.

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