Darjeeling Tea !!Facing The Climate Threats

Changes in temperature and rainfall patterns in the Darjeeling hills is affecting the production of the famous Darjeeling tea.

The temperature for growing tea is between 18 and 30 degrees . When the temperature goes beyond 30 degrees, then the plant growth is tremendously affected. Excess water as well as shortage of water affect the proper growth of tea bushes. Tea bushes need sufficient rainfall. Heavy rainfall on the other hand can damage proper tea plantations because this will lead to soil erosion. Also less sunshine , different types of insecticides, pesticides leads to improper growth besides flooding. Strong winds, frost are also harmful in the production of high quality tea.

The problem has also been given concern by the ministers from other states and everyone is pondering over a solution . Because the taste of Darjeeling tea is something unique. Losing its quality day by day will lead to a decrease in the number of tea lovers because Darjeeling tea have been favourite for most of the tea lovers. Those tea lovers prefer having Darjeeling tea most of the time .

Taking this problems into view, various solutions have been pitched up to prevent further reduction in the production of Darjeeling tea. Lets take a glance into those solutions:

  • Adaptation measures like organic farming is highly recommended because it preserves fertility of the soil, maintains the organic particles in soil which leads to proper production in case of drought or uneven rainfall .
  • Also planting drought resistant tea clones, reducing chemical waste by a proper nutrient management can be formulated simultaneously.









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