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Darjeeling Tea !!Facing The Climate Threats

Changes in temperature and rainfall patterns in the Darjeeling hills is affecting the production of the famous Darjeeling tea. The temperature for growing tea is between 18 and 30 degrees . When the temperature goes beyond 30 degrees, then the plant growth is tremendously affected. Excess water as well as shortage of water affect the […]

Difference between Assam tea and Darjeeling Tea

Tea garden Darjeeling

India is one of the largest producers of tea in the world. There are three major regions in the country that are involved tea production. They are the famous Assam and Darjeeling and Nilgiris. Both Assam and Darjeeling tea’s are famous but there is always a debate as which is better. Therefore, we break down […]

Darjeeling First Flush Tea

Tea in India is widely categorized as Assam Tea and Darjeeling tea. Further Premium tea’s are also classified by Flush or by the time of year when tea leaves are plucked. First flushes are called so because they mark the first harvest of the year. The leaves and buds are picked around March, following the […]

Gardens of Darjeeling and their Tea Quality

Darjeeling Tea Pickers

As per records, the primary business tea gardens planted out by the British tea intrigue were Steinthal, Tukvar and Aloobari tea domains. Tea, being a work serious venture, required adequate number of laborers to plant, tend, cull and fabricate the creation. For this, work was offered to individuals from over the fringe of Nepal. It […]


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We had sent samples of our new Brand to CHOMP! SLURRP! BURP! She started tasting the tea from the green tea Mesembria. Maybe because she is health conscious as green tea has great health benefits like anti-aging, good immune system and good skin. She then tasted the other products like Black Gold, Shanti, Ashna, Cabo […]