Why Combining Tea With Iron Rich Foods Isn’t Medically Approved?

Iron is that type of mineral that is needed by the body for significant functions like production of hamoeglobin, growth and development of the body, hormone balancing as well as energy metabolism.

Hameoglobin is that part of red blood cells through which oxygen travels from the lungs to the various tissues throughout the body. Iron also aids in bringing carbon dioxide back to the lungs so that it gets exhaled.

So the question is , Can iron rich foods be taken with tea everyday?

The answer is absolutelyNo.’ Medically it has been found out that the presence of certain vitamins and minerals react with each other which results in negative effect in our body. For instance, when we have milk tea with iron rich foods or supplements , then the calcium prevents the absorption of iron. So it is medically advisable not to consume iron supplements with dairy products. Also according to a recent survey, presence of Vitamin A prevents phytate and polyphenols from covering up iron, which increases the iron availability.

People need to make changes in their diet to absorb completely the vitamins and minerals they consume. This will lead to decreasing deficiencies.

Another important point to note is that the foods rich in iron and protein should not be consumed with tea because of the presence of tannins. Tannins adds dark brown color in tea.  Out of all the different varieties of tea, green tea consists of certain catechins as well as flavonoids which are the other forms of tannins .Consuming it in high concentration is injurious to health because this will prevent the absorption of iron and proteins as well.

Removal of seed coat reduces tannin levels in food. Tannins differ depending on their astringency ,bitterness and tendency to bind with proteins.

While we all can agree that food is the one major source of nutrients we require every day, most of us don’t know that certain food items contains some non-nutrient ingredients which does not allow absorption of certain vitamins as well as minerals.


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