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Why Green Tea Tastes Bitter? Are you brewing it Wrong?

Many of us have experienced a bitterness when we brew the green tea or any other tea and have come to a conclusion that bitterness is the actual taste of the tea. But its completely wrong. Tea contains Tannin which contribute to the bitter taste but tannin is also an important part of the taste […]

How To Make a perfect Cup of Green Tea

Tea pot Green Tea leaves

Are you making your Green Tea the Wrong Way? 90% of the People make the Green Tea the wrong way and never complain about the taste and color Why? The Reason is that they dont complain is because people think that thats the correct taste of the green tea which is not correct. There are […]

Different Types Of Tea

Different types of Tea

Tea is generally categorized into 4 different types White Tea Green Tea Oolong Tea Black Tea White Tea  White teas are made by drying the buds of the tea plant that grows on the high mountain ranges. Tiny silver hairs that cover the buds give the tea a white appearance. Namhah Offers White Tea Shanti […]

Whats a Perfect Brew?

Tea Brewing

After you have selected the teas, the most common question is How to brew a perfect cup of tea? Different leaves require different treatment. Some need boiling water, some slightly cooler water, and all need to be infused for a different length of time. However, if we are talking about a traditional black tea, the […]