Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine Green tea

Jasmine tea made from a combination of originally grown tea leaves and jasmine flowers are normally yielded from one type of jasmine plant known as the Jasminumofficinale. Filled with an aura of sweet scent, this plant is mostly admired by the gardeners. Popularly known as the  flavoured tea, the Jasmine tea should be prepared under extreme caution and with a marvellous skill.

Lets take a look into the making of the Jasmine Tea:

  1. Plucking: Tea leaves are plucked during late spring when they are fresh and tender.
  2. Drying: The tea leaves are then scented either by steaming or drying with warm air. The drying is done in a gentle way to stop the leaves from decaying. After this the leaves stops rolling and curling and the surface space of the leaf becomes more to absorb the scent of the jasmine petals.
  3. Storing: After the base of the tea leaves are made absorbent for absorbing the fragrance of the petals, they are then stored in cool storehouses till late summer when the jasmine flowers are at its highest form, ready to be yielded.
  4. Picking: Jasmine flowers generally plucked during late summers at afternoon time because it is at this phase that the petals close against the sun. After extensively drying and cooling, the petals get ready for the aromatic process.
  5. Perfuming: The flowers are then carefully combined with the tea leaves which were stored in the room earlier. The base of the tea leaves highly absorb the fragrance of the jasmine flowers when bought in close contact with the leaves. Depending on the type of tea as well as the tea master requirements, the tea leaves base need to be scented several times. For each round, fresh jasmine flowers scents needed to be added to the base of the tea leaf. This procedure might take somewhere between 24 hours to multiple weeks.
  6. Firing: The mixture is then popped up so that the jasmine flowers and tea leaves gets dried up and moisture removed.

Benefits of Jasmine Tea:

  • Helps you to focus minutely and stay aware.
  • Helps in reducing weight by increasing metabolism.
  • Aids cancer prevention because of the higher number of antioxidants present.

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