‘Tea’ the Unknown Facts

Nothing can be soothing to the taste buds rather than sipping the cup of tea on a chilled afternoon. Known to be the most preferred drink after water ,lets have a look at the essence of tea if drank daily:  Reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke-  Drinking black tea instead of other teas […]

Brew the tea leaves correctly!

If you have any leftovers, store in a tight container and place in your cupboard or even refrigerator. After all, iced tea makes the perfect thirst quencher or a great party beverage. 1. Follow the package instructions– Always follow the instructions on the packaging to prevent overconcentration in your cup. Place loose leaves in the […]

The Hidden Facts Behind Black Tea

Black tea is consumed in different ways in different parts of the world. Indians mostly have it in their daily breakfast. And in western countries, black teas are held as iced tea . 1. Prevents heart diseases : Since black teas contains flavonoids , so drinking 3 cups everyday lowers the risk of heart diseases […]

Scientific Analysis of Tea

Drinking tea reduces the risk for diabetes, heart attacks as well as improves mood, cognition .Tea consists of micronutrients like zinc, fluoride, catechins, l-theanine, magnesium and caffeine as well. Scientific Procedures For Brewing Tea: Brewing fresh boiled water for a minimum of three minutes leads to the extraction of 80% l-theanine, 75%caffeine and 60% catechins. […]

”Tea” Also Known As The Beauty Product

Without tea , an Indian family cannot survive. Tea forms such an elite drink for the Indian households that it meants to be drank regularly whether its on a summer afternoon or on a chilled winter .Apart from the various tea types ,  black tea benefits are unique to offer, it is said that applying […]

The Secrets Behind Loose Leaf Tea

Tea have ample number of benefits since age old and its importance in the modern context cannot be denied yet. The Green tea which is a worldwide popular tea for weight loss. Also Green tea purifies blood , reduces size of tumors . But there are certain unique benefits of loose leaf tea which cant […]

Tea , the medicine for all your illnesses

Teas as used in ancient days healed the diseased, promoted relaxation after a day long work. But as days keep passing many new drinks come into existence , thereby giving a tough competition to tea . But the outstanding health benefits of tea cannot be compared with any other drinks in the world. Lets understand […]

Teas’ Which The World Prefers!!

Tea,  the most preferred drink in the world after water. With different variations of teas starting from green ,black, white teas till oolong, there are many different methods for brewing them, cultures around the world have come up with many amazingly delicious variants of this aromatic drink. The following teas are popular throughout the world […]

Are Iced teas the most soothing drink during summer?

With every passing day, water becomes an essential part of our life. Returning home after a hectic schedule makes one gulp a glass of cold water. But for how many days does this cool water seems soothing to our taste-buds. Nowadays ,there are many ready made drinks to soothe your taste buds.But why don’t you […]

How to make Green Tea more healthy

In this fast changing world, people are becoming more and more conscious of their health in spite of their busy schedule. They prefer drinks which are ready made. So from thereon ,started the significance for Green tea among the working men and women. Green teas are quick and easy to make. So it has been […]