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Blooming Tea

Blooming teas originating from the Yunnan State consists of dried leaves and flowers. The leaves usually gets plucked during early spring before the buds gets opened. After that the leaves are sewn and fixed with flowers like Chrysanthemum, Lily, Jasmine, Hibiscus, Lavender, Pu–erh Teas. Then the leaves gets shaped into either cones, balls or mushrooms […]

History of Teas in the West

Firstly discovered in the Yunnan State, the tea tree was purely coincidence. It so happened that one farmer while returning from the field traced tiny leaves fallen into the ground which comprised of some edible scents, so he consumed those leaves. And then it was traced that the leaflets had fallen from the tea tree. […]

Chaga Tea

Originated in Russia the ‘Chaga’ mushroom is endemic to Eastern, Northern Europe as well as Asia. A typical fungus growing on the birch trees, the Chaga mushrooms are simply dried and then boiled to make that perfect cup of tea. How to prepare Chaga Tea at home: Use a Heavier Vessel– Boiling time for Chaga should […]

Dandelion Root Tea

Dandelion Root Tea can be said to be the mannitol tea, that aids in proper liver function, and helps the body detoxify. It’s been used for centuries by traditional medicine makers for liver and kidney health. To make dandelion root tea, break the dandelion root in a mortar since it is bulky. Dandelion root tea is […]

Arunachal Tea

The Arunachal Tea also known as the Golden Needles are a type of tea which is made from the unique needle-shaped,golden tea buds. Here the entire bud remains covered with golden texture .The buds are then cautiously picked up since they are very delicate and have a feathery touch.The liquor consists of a golden color […]

Yerba Mate tea

The Yerba Mate tea comes from the holly breed that produces small berries which in turn grows into greenish white florets. Discovered by the locales of the forests of Tupi(southern brazil) as well as Paraguay (the Guarani) this herb was previously known “from the gods” and used mostly for physical endurance, medicinal aid. A staple […]

North Assam Teas

Among the North Assam Teas, the Halmari Teas needs a special mention. Located in the Moran district of Dibrugarh, Assam , these Halmari tea garden encompasses of 374 hectares of land. The tea produced at Halmari are one of the finest quality till date. It is indeed a very arduous task of finding a  better CTC similar to […]

Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is not any particular type of tea. Basically Ceylon is a region in Sri Lanka , where teas are grown. So, the teas from that region are termed as Ceylon Tea. Ceylon teas can be termed into different categories such as the White tea, black tea as well as green tea. These different […]

CTC Tea and Leaf Tea Differences

Although Tea has been the popular beverage relished by the people worldwide, there are subtle differences between the tastes of different types of teas .Mainly classified as CTC Tea and Leaf Tea, let us take a look at the minute differences between these two types of teas. 1. CTC Tea, better known as Crush, Tear […]

Keemum Tea

Keemun tea, a Chinese black tea well known for its peculiar floral fragrance resembling orchids and honey. It is basically grown in the Anhuli region of China. The Chinese tea consists of tempting tiny thin black shoots of leaves and buds which are formatted into a peculiar tight twists. Processed into black tea, this drink […]